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A unique initiative
In the Netherlands we only have two comparable airplanes from the period of the second World war namely the English Spitfire and the American Mustang P-51. This initiative to make this historic picture complete is unique. The forgotten fighter of WOII is coming to the Netherlands. Holland will receive a Russian Yakovlev Yak 3-U to serve as an example of the Russian Fighters.

First Flight

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This fighter is has with two seats and is equipped with a set of dual controls, so the Yak can be controlled from both seats. Driven by its 14 cylinder, 30 liters 1200HP strong air-cooled engine the Yak has almost Unlimited performance. Aerobatics, dogfights or ‘straight en level’ with speed well over 500 kilometers an hour.

Sponsor ship
To keep an airplane like the Yak in good flying condition takes a lot of effort. The initiators plan on taking the Yak 3-U all over Europe to participate in the many air shows and fly inn’s It is a known fact that air shows is one of the top three attractions that does attract the most public.


The initiators
The initiatrs are convinced that this unique aircraft cannot be missed in the West European and the Dutch air space. The place where the Yak will be stationed is the airfield of Lelystad, where a fitting hangar was found. There at Lelystad airfield close to the Aviodrome airplane museum, were we have found good maintenance facility’s. This still public friendly airfield is due to its small size the ideal home base for the Yak.

Often we see aviation related footage on special interest tv-cannels like Discovery- channel and National Geographic , but also on the news we see on a regular basis these air show demo’s. In order to keep a healthy exploitation we would like to create a possibility for sponsorship. This can be achieved by putting the name of the sponsor on the aircraft and on the website.

Also we can show up at company meetings, presentations or perform with special demo’s at a location desired by the sponsor. We would like to be in contact with possible sponsor, and exchange ideas about the possibility’s we have.